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About us

Dragon Bath Worx is owned and operated by Silver, with occasional help from her daughter and husband. It all started with a quest, a quest to make her sensitive dry and flaky allergy-prone skin better.

After many years of struggling with sore and scaly skin and trying many different soaps and lotions. Silver found some soap at a market that made a difference.  Silver's Daughter also tried a soap from the market and found her skin was also improved. However, to their dismay they discovered the soap they liked so much was not so friendly to the environment. 

Having been a crafty dragon all of her life, Silver decided to try her hand at soap-making, and discovered she loved both the process and the results.

After doing lots more research and experimenting with various recipes to make the best products she could, Dragon Bath Worx was born in October 2018. Silver can often be found in her cave/soap room trying new recipes and techniques to make soaps that are beautiful while being good to the environment. 

All the products at Dragon Bath works are made with earth-friendly, sustainable, ethically sourced quality ingredients. They are free from petroleum products, synthetic detergents, and palm oil.  Our motto is: 

Kind to your skin and the environment