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I hope you like long-lasting luxurious lather! 

Our Beardless Dragon shaving soap has a dense, moisturising foam that provides lots of glide for your razor, without added clays to dull your blade. The tin has a little space at the top to make it easy to load your shaving brush, and once loaded you can add a little more warm water to your brush and work it into a luxurious foam. A little goes a long way so this tin will last for ages! 

Once you have finished your shaving soap, you can purchase a refill or use the tin to store shampoo or conditioner bars, or some other items like spare razor blades.


Item Name Price Fragrance
Mighty Minty
NZ$20.00 Essential Oils / Natural
Sublime Lemon Lime
NZ$20.00 Fruity
Mr Clean
NZ$20.00 Ozonic / fresh

We only use ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients for all of our products, and our packaging is either reusable, recyclable, or compostable.