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We love making soaps!

We hope you like using them as much as we like making them. 

Being handcrafted in small batches each bar is unique. Our soaps are vegan friendly apart from a very few containing honey.


Item Name Price Fragrance Category
Autumn Pear
NZ$9.50 Fruity Soap bar
Dragon's Blood
NZ$9.50 Floral Soap bar
Dragon Journal
NZ$15.00 Fruity
Dragon Queen
NZ$9.50 Floral Soap bar
NZ$9.50 Ozonic / fresh Soap bar
Kawakawa and Tea Tree
NZ$10.00 Essential Oils / Natural Soap bar
NZ$11.00 Fruity Soap bar
NZ$10.00 Essential Oils / Natural Soap bar
Pot of Sunshine
NZ$9.90 Essential Oils / Natural Soap bar
Black Dragon
NZ$9.00 Essential Oils / Natural Soap bar
Mighty Minty
NZ$20.00 Essential Oils / Natural Shave soap
Sublime Lemon Lime
NZ$20.00 Fruity Shave soap
Mr Clean
NZ$20.00 Ozonic / fresh Shave soap

We only use ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients for all of our products, and our packaging is either reusable, recyclable, or compostable.